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Registration Form1 – Application for Registration

Registration Form2 – Notice of Intention to Apply for Registration

Registration Form3(i) – Builder’s Certificate

Registration Form3(ii) – Declaration of Ownership

Registration Form5 – Application for Registration of Government Ship

Registration Form6 – Application for Registration of Ship Under Construction

Registration Form8 – Application for Registration or Re-Registration of an Abandoned Ship

Registration Form9 – Application for Endorsement of Master on Registration Certificate

Registration Form10 – Application for New Registration Certificate

Registration Form12 – Application for Provisional Certificate for Ship Entitled to be Registered When Abroad

Registration Form13 – Application for Extension of Period of Currency of Provisional Certificate

Registration Form14 – Application for Temporary Pass

Registration Form17 – Application for Change of Name of Registered Ship

Registration Form20 – Application for Change of Home Port

Registration Form21 – Bill of Sale

Registration Form22 – Declaration of Transfer

Registration Form23 – Notice of Change of Name & Address of Registered Agent

Registration Form24(a) – Application for Sale of Ship at Place Outside of Guyana

Registration Form24(b) – Application for Mortgage of Ship at Place Outside of Guyana

Registration Form28 – Application for Transfer of Registration from A Foreign Port of Registry

Registration Form31 – Application for Extension of Time for Lodgement of Documents

Marad Form9 – Application for Deletion of Ship from Registry

Marad Form13 Declaration of Service

Checklist Requirements/Criteria

Registration of New Vessel

Registration of Previously Registered Vessel

Provisional Registration Certificate

Change of Ownership of Registered Vessel

Deletion of Registration Certificate

Renewal of Registration Certificate