The Port Security Section is responsible for ensuring the implementation and maintenance of the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security Code and Maritime Administration Department Regulations pertaining to Port Security.

The Port Security Section works in close collaboration with all ISPS regulated Port Facilities, The Shipping Association of Guyana, other Government Agencies and Private Stakeholders to ensure the security of all ports in Guyana. To achieve this, the Port Security Section conducts detail Port Facility Security Audits every five (5) years and an annual verification to ensure the required security standard is maintained. In addition, the Port Security Section monitors Training, Drills and Exercises conducted by the Port Facilities to ensure that the training requirements are being met.

The Port Security Section is headed by a Chief Port Security Officer who is ably assisted by a Port Security Officer.


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List of Port Facilities

Ser Port Facilities Address IMO Number
01 Bosai Mineral Group Guyana Inc. Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden GYLDN-0001
02 China Zonghao Inc. (Falls) Lot A, Block 2 Public Road, Land Of Canaan, East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0037
03 Demerara Shipping Company Limited 8 – 12 Water Street and Schumaker Street, Werk-en- Rust, Georgetown GYGEO-0003
04 Demerara Sugar Terminal Ramp Road, Ruimveldt, Georgetown GYGEO-0004
05 Guyana National Industrial Company 1-9 Lombard Street, Charlestown, Georgetown GYGEO-0008
06 Guyana Oil Company (Berbice) Heathburn, East Bank Berbice GYNAM-0003
07 Guyana Oil Company (Demerara) Providence, East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0010
08 Guyana National Shipping Corporation. 5-9 Lombard Street, Georgetown GYGEO-0009
09 Guyana Power & Light, Garden of Eden Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0011
10 Guyana Power & Light, Kingston Water Street, Kingston, Georgetown GYGEO-0012
11 Guyana Power & Light, Vreed en Hoop Vreed en Hoop, West Bank Demerara GYGEO-0036
12 Guyana Shore Base Inc. Plantation “A”, Houston District, Georgetown GYGEO-0038
13 John Fernandes Limited 24 Water Street, Georgetown GYGEO-0014
14 Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal Moleson Creek, Corentyne, Berbice GYNAM-0008
15 Muneshwers Limited 45-47 Water Street, Georgetown GYGEO-0015
16 National Milling Company Agricola, East Bank Demerara, Guyana GYGEO-0016
17 Olendorff Carrier Guyana Inc. New Amsterdam, Berbice River GYNAM-0010
18 Rubis Guyana Inc. Ramsburg Providence, East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0022
19 Sol Guyana Inc. (Agricola) Rome (Agricola), East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0019
20 Sol Guyana Inc. (Ramsburg) Ramsburg Providence, East Bank Demerara GYGEO-0006