If you would like to visit the Lighthouse please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

    If you would like to visit us please use the address below to find our office!

    Maritime Administration Department
    Transport & Harbors HQ
    Top Floor
    Battery Rd & Fort St

    Contact Numbers: (592) 225-7330/226-3356

    Or Email us via the addresses below

    Director General – dg@marad.gov.gy
    Director, Maritime Safety – dms@marad.gov.gy
    For general safety reports and queries  – safety@marad.gov.gy
    For general queries – info@marad.gov.gy


    Ports & Harbours Division
    Georgetown Ferry Stelling

    Contact Numbers: (592) 226-7842/227-1696/226-0329


    For general reports and queries – ports@marad.gov.gy

    Lighthouse Visiting Hours
    Note: No visits allowed on weekends and holidays.

    Visits may be postponed due to inclement weather.

    Monday to Thursdays
    09:00hrs to 11:00hrs & 13:00hrs to 15:30hrs
    09:00hrs to 11:00hrs & 13:00hrs to 14:30hrs